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The journey continues...

This blog was started to keep others informed of our pending adoption of our son.  Those who know me know that I like to keep a journal of thoughts and  questions which I am struggling with in regards to learning about who God really is and who is that He wants to be.  I also wanted to document the journey for Emmanuel so he could clearly understand our hearts, mind and purpose.  This is that journal...the journey to find him...
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No one...just like you!!


I am thankful for the opportunity I have through technology to write and tell you a little of your life story. Admittedly, as you can imagine I spend a lot of time thinking about you and wondering what your life will be like. I have spent time reading and studying your social report. The reality is people will try to label you and even now call you orphan. However, labels don’t tell the real story behind who you are and who you will be. No one else has your eyes, nose, smile or even your laughter. No one will be able to hug, hold my hand or call me daddy just like you. No one will be able to play, laugh and cry with your sisters just like you. No one will be able to look at your mommy and tell her you love her just like you.
Emmanuel you were never fatherless. The creator of all things formed you and molded you into his image in such a unique way, there is only ONE you. I pray over the years we become very close, and I can be the Father you need me to be. Most importantly, I …


Image sound except the rain coming down outside.  In these moments I tend to be very reflective.  This  was the toughest week yet in regards to our adoption.  The last three weeks have been amazing with my family and I have enjoyed every minute...but we know...we don't have to say a word...we just look at each other with a certain glance and we know that we thinking about Emmanuel. 

Adoption update: 
Fortunately, this ‘hold’ only applies to our region, not the other areas of African country we are adopting in.  So, adoptions are still processing elsewhere in country, it’s just that any families with children in our immediate vicinity must wait until the policy regarding residency is hashed out. In case you missed it, they are trying to change the law which would require us to stay in country for three months prior to bring our son home.  Hopefully this will be an issue that resolves quickly. 
Thank you: As I said before...this has been a tough week but I …

If not me who...a poem from the heart

Sounds fill my head from all directions The beating of my heart The voices crying out in the darkness
If not me who If not you who
Faces flash before my eyes Their cries fill my head My heart begins to overflow The sounds begin to grow louder I am overwhelmed
If not me who If not you who
Who will go to the voices crying in the darkness? Who will go to the faces? Who will walk them through the storm? Who will show them the way home? If not me who
You cried out and said I will go! I will go to then! You heard the voice crying in the darkness You heard the voice of the Great I Am.
Alone in the quietness of your room God heard your prayer As you fell on your knees God watched as the tears fell down your face
Before time began, God selected you God, in His infinite wisdom Knew in His heart you were the one
You were the one who will care for this special little boyl. HE created her by hand just for YOU!
God heard your prayers God placed him in your hands forever.

Well done, my good and faithful servant, In whom I am w…