The journey continues...

This blog was started to keep others informed of our pending adoption of our son.  Those who know me know that I like to keep a journal of thoughts and  questions which I am struggling with in regards to learning about who God really is and who is that He wants to be.  I also wanted to document the journey for Emmanuel so he could clearly understand our hearts, mind and purpose.  This is that journal...the journey to find him...

I walked into Buy Buy Baby the other night to pick something for Emmanuel and was immediately overwhelmed by the variety and selection.  I mean come daughters are 19 and 15. We were thrilled to have Wal-mart. I was looking for ONE thing…yet in the midst of the clutter…I really had no idea where to go. I knew what I wanted…but didn’t know how to get there. 

I guess people wonder why we are adopting at this point in our lives. We are so close to being empty nesters and being able to come and go as we please. Honestly, we have been discussing the idea off and on for over 12 years.  However, in God’s infinite wisdom, the notion of adopting started to make more sense even though it made no sense at all.  One night earlier this year, I was sitting in evangelism and missions class being taught by one of my mentors and as he started discussing the urgency and necessity of discipleship to reach the nations…the thought starting crossing my mind…is God calling me to adopt to disciple through me?  The thought of sitting down and going through the Gospel with my son, so that he would be equipped to teach to his homeland or preach the Gospel to the nations was overwhelming and empowering.  Hours later we were on the phone. 

Recently, I have been reminded of men who have poured themselves into me in various contexts.  Men who have had a huge profound impact on my life and affect my decision-making process. Men, like my father who helped define my competitive character and passion for business or men like Andy Good, Bryan Johnson, Ron Phillips, who taught me what it means to be a Christ Follower.  In this day of fades and watered down Christianity it’s easy to get lost in a mystical religion non personal relationship with God. 

Over the past five years, the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me through various mentors.  Several, I consider close personal friends, and others are simple men with special anointing to be speak a biblical truth.  I want to introduce some of them to you.  I know it may be tempting not to watch all videos or feel like you don’t have time.  However, I am convinced those of us who grew up the Bible belt are perhaps the greatest risk of going to hell.  I know that sounds a little crazy but the more I study scriptures the more I am confronted with the reality the Jesus of the bible is very different than the Jesus we think we know. So, here's my challenge...what is the answer to THE most important question you will ever answer?

The is video from the book I am currently reading called Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman. 

David Platt - a pastor, friend and mentor.  There is a great interview of David by John Piper on Desiring God.  The link below talks about having Radical Faith.

Francis Chan - author of Crazy Love, Forgotten God. One of my small groups is starting his new series called BASIC.   Crazy Love is great book...when you just need to stop and get clarity on who God really is.

Adoption update:  No updates from the government.  We were able to send a care package to him and hope to have more pictures very soon.  Sorry, we can't post them at this time.

In other news:  Jessica is home from Peru.  Shannon is getting excited about her first car.  As far as Kathy I go...well...we are left wondering where did the time go and will we only adopt one child.

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