Silence...no t.v...no radio...no sound except the rain coming down outside.  In these moments I tend to be very reflective.  This  was the toughest week yet in regards to our adoption.  The last three weeks have been amazing with my family and I have enjoyed every minute...but we know...we don't have to say a word...we just look at each other with a certain glance and we know that we thinking about Emmanuel. 

Adoption update: 
Fortunately, this ‘hold’ only applies to our region, not the other areas of African country we are adopting in.  So, adoptions are still processing elsewhere in country, it’s just that any families with children in our immediate vicinity must wait until the policy regarding residency is hashed out. In case you missed it, they are trying to change the law which would require us to stay in country for three months prior to bring our son home.  Hopefully this will be an issue that resolves quickly. 

Thank you:
As I said before...this has been a tough week but I am so thankful for those who reached out or allowed me to lean on you.  I am so blessed to have you in my life.

Question of the week:  Who is the Jesus we pray to?  This is the question I have been wrestling with this week.  It's really a powerful question. Do we pray to the Jesus of our youth or the Jesus of the bible.  For me, those are two different people.  The more I study and learn the scriptures the more I see a God of conviction and of absolutes. A God focused on the mission and intolerant of excuses. Spend time reading and reflecting on John 10.

In other news...
Jessica boarded a plan bound for Peru for three weeks this past Monday.  Shannon was named All American at an Auburn Cheerleading camp.  She was also asked to cheer in London on New Years day.  Unfortunately, due to our pending adoption costs we were unable to afford the trip.  Shannon understood and once again displayed her big Christian heart and attitude.    So proud of both our girls. 

This week has been about healing...

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