If not me who...a poem from the heart

Sounds fill my head from all directions
The beating of my heart
The voices crying out in the darkness

If not me who
If not you who

Faces flash before my eyes
Their cries fill my head
My heart begins to overflow
The sounds begin to grow louder
I am overwhelmed

If not me who
If not you who

Who will go to the voices crying in the darkness?
Who will go to the faces?
Who will walk them through the storm?
Who will show them the way home?
If not me who

You cried out and said
I will go! I will go to then!
You heard the voice crying in the darkness
You heard the voice of the Great I Am.

Alone in the quietness of your room
God heard your prayer
As you fell on your knees
God watched as the tears fell down your face

Before time began, God selected you
God, in His infinite wisdom
Knew in His heart you were the one

You were the one who will care for this special
little boyl. HE created her by hand just for YOU!

God heard your prayers
God placed him in your hands forever.

Well done, my good and faithful servant,
In whom I am well pleased
You heard the voice crying in the darkness
Now, tell the rest of world.

I wrote this in 08 for a friend who adopted a little boy.  Praying for patience as my love grows for our Emmanuel.

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