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Hey Little Man,

I just want to send a note and let you know I am thinking about you, and I love you. I find myself daydreaming about you and wonder what is happening in your life. We continue to talk about you all the time as a family. Jessica has moved her room to the office so you can have a room  to yourself. The girls have already bought you 4 or 5 outfits, so I guess you can tell how excited we are you are coming home. Mom continues to fill out the form and after form as fast as she can. I can't wait for you to see how she lights up when someone asks her a question about you.
You would also be surprised to know how many people are looking forward to meeting you. As you grow older i can't wait to share how some people gave from deep inside their hearts as they obeyed Holy Spirit. I admit their faith is fueling our patience because we know. He is in complete control. You will also find it funny when you look at our phones... whose face  do you think is on our phones wallpaper? silly..…

Adoption next steps..,fingerprints.

Our next step in bringing our son home is going to a police station and having our finger prints sent to Homeland Security. I love that...and I love what its representing. Think about it...God has to be smiling...each of us is so unique that no two fingerprints are exactly alike, but in his divine sovereigty our fingers are an exact match for our son/brother. You just can't make this stuff up. Only a creator God can do this, only he can make this happen.

Reality is we see God's fingerprint all around us everyday. Did you see the sunrise this morning or last night's sunset? How about those unique clouds you saw a few days ago? I love fall when the leaves change every year. How about winter and snow? How about the hug of a child or a parent? Did you hear him last week as someone told you they cared or will be praying for you?

His fingerprint is everywhere...the question is are we actively looking or aware?

Thank you God for continue to change our world with your fingerprin…

What...three days....

Remember, we can't share specifics of his name, where he is from, etc......

We have been thinking about adoption for at least 10-12 years, but we were never on the same page in regard to timing. Over the last year, it became a now or never thing due to our age. Jessica is 19 and Shannon is 15 and well...we are getting any younger. So, we decided now is the time. The question was from where.

There is no way I can properly weave all that God has done...but will try...stay with me until the end.

We decided to meet with a local adoption agency to learn more. They were so informative and helpful. The same day I was talking to one of my best friends from High School, and Annette told me about a friend of hers who has adopted three boys and trying to adopt their fourth from ______. Annette gave me her name and info and within 20 minutes Kathy was calling her and leaving her a message. We found out which adoption agency they were using and Kathy preceded to contact them.

On Tuesday May 6th …


We are expecting! The journey continues...I am fasciated how God works through his people. I am so far of where I want to be spiritually, but yet he continues to use us. Over the past year, the Lord has challenged and even confronted me with his word. The question I have been wrestling with is... do I believe I believe all of it?

In short, I do! I believe every single word, period, adjective, be the inspired word of God. I often hear things like man wrote it or what about dinosaurs, or this or that....Have you read it? I am convinced you will never be person God wants you to be until you believe in the power of his word.

Of course man wrote it...God has always also used men as his vessel. How would you expect him to write it? It truly humbles me that he would inspire men to speak through him then as he is now. In fact, the creator writes messages to us all the time in the rainbows, clouds, rain and sunny skies. The other interesting thing is those questions how it wa…