Hey Little Man,

I just want to send a note and let you know I am thinking about you, and I love you. I find myself daydreaming about you and wonder what is happening in your life. We continue to talk about you all the time as a family. Jessica has moved her room to the office so you can have a room  to yourself. The girls have already bought you 4 or 5 outfits, so I guess you can tell how excited we are you are coming home. Mom continues to fill out the form and after form as fast as she can. I can't wait for you to see how she lights up when someone asks her a question about you.

You would also be surprised to know how many people are looking forward to meeting you. As you grow older i can't wait to share how some people gave from deep inside their hearts as they obeyed Holy Spirit. I admit their faith is fueling our patience because we know. He is in complete control. You will also find it funny when you look at our phones... whose face  do you think is on our phones wallpaper?...no silly...it's you. A precious little boy with curious big eyes.

Hey, I know we are going to scare you as your surroundings completely change, but I also wanted you to know, thousands of people will be praying as we get used to our new normal. Little man...I am proud of you already.  When the sun comes up in the morning....know I am thinking of you, with every raindrop, every breeze, every sunset, you are on my mind. 

Love you little man!!

In case your wondering how I am feeling...this song says alot....

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KCompton said...

Rob, this is so sweet. I want to copy it and put it on my page. You express all of our feelings so perfectly. I love you and there's no one on this earth that I'd rather go through this journey with!