We are expecting! The journey continues...I am fasciated how God works through his people. I am so far of where I want to be spiritually, but yet he continues to use us. Over the past year, the Lord has challenged and even confronted me with his word. The question I have been wrestling with is... do I believe it...do I believe all of it?

In short, I do! I believe every single word, period, adjective, noun...to be the inspired word of God. I often hear things like man wrote it or what about dinosaurs, or this or that....Have you read it? I am convinced you will never be person God wants you to be until you believe in the power of his word.

Of course man wrote it...God has always also used men as his vessel. How would you expect him to write it? It truly humbles me that he would inspire men to speak through him then as he is now. In fact, the creator writes messages to us all the time in the rainbows, clouds, rain and sunny skies. The other interesting thing is those questions how it was written are the same people who never really read it or study it. Those who study...know the truth because that's one of the primary ways he speaks to us..

This led me to be faced with a question...if I believe it to be true...shouldn't it totally transform how I live...ABSOULTELY.

How did we get here?
Tough to capsulate what has transpired in the last eleven years, but the bottom line is it's been a long process. You simply can't experience some of the things we have and not be changed or want to create change. We have held babies in all different places and have learned the one constant is their desire to for love and to be held..

Who is he?
We can't provide specific feedback. However, a long story short he is our son. Not an adopted son, or the other child. He is our son chosen by God to be with us just like Jessica and Shannon. He will be a Compton. By the way...He is so cute!!!

Where are we adopting from?
Africa is all that we can say at this time.

How long will it take?
It will take 9 to 12 months if all goes well so we hope to have him home by April.

What can you do?
Pray for us.
It's awkward, but yes we are accepting donations to help with the cost.

What's next?
Home study and wait on Homeland Security and other background checks come back.


The Hamilton's said...

Rob, I am so happy and excited for you and Kathy! Adoption is such a wonderful experience and I know that you will receive such a blessing from opening your home to a child!! I can't wait to hear more about your child and the road you are about to travel! Wishing you luck but most of all prayers are going up for a smooth road ahead!!

Rob Compton said...

Thank you Kelly! Truly amazing gift of life. THank you also for your friendship all these years, it's truly special.