What...three days....

Remember, we can't share specifics of his name, where he is from, etc......

We have been thinking about adoption for at least 10-12 years, but we were never on the same page in regard to timing. Over the last year, it became a now or never thing due to our age. Jessica is 19 and Shannon is 15 and well...we are getting any younger. So, we decided now is the time. The question was from where.

There is no way I can properly weave all that God has done...but will try...stay with me until the end.

We decided to meet with a local adoption agency to learn more. They were so informative and helpful. The same day I was talking to one of my best friends from High School, and Annette told me about a friend of hers who has adopted three boys and trying to adopt their fourth from ______. Annette gave me her name and info and within 20 minutes Kathy was calling her and leaving her a message. We found out which adoption agency they were using and Kathy preceded to contact them.

On Tuesday May 6th we mailed the initial application in. The way I understood everything we would receive a link and password to see all the available children once they approved our application. However, that is not what happened next. Within a few hours Kathy had the login and found our child. He was the first one, the page and his eyes melted her heart. Remember, I am at the office thinking this is going to long process. The phone rings and "I have found him. I have found our son" is all I heard. The next thing I know I am looking at a picture of a precious two year old little boy. I tried to come her down and remind we have not even been approved, and he probably won't be available when we are. I hated to burst her bubble, but I knew we had to be realistic. Hindsight I should have remembered. He is always in control. The next thing I know we are reviewing a more information about him.

Two days into this process….and I am being asked to wipe our emergency fund and the money we were saving to buy Shannon’s car. You have to understand the books I have been reading and teaching over the last year, Crazy Love and Forgotten God by Francis Chan and David Platt’s Radical. I have also been in seminary type classes taught by David. All pushing me into learning God’s word, which reveals the heart of God

Wednesday, we heard the news. We had been accepted. We could request our son. We would have to write that check. The moment of truth…the crisis of faith…do I believe and do I trust. I know it should be a quick answer. Those of who know our story know how we almost lost everything years ago and thanks to God’s grace. We have clawed our way out, and now I am being asked to lay all on the line.

I am so thankful for my family. We wrote the check and yes there is fear but also a tremendous amount of faith.

Now you know the rest of the story.  Well...there is more....Jessica's friends and the Easter connection....I can't wait to share that one as well...Very cool!!

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