Adoption next steps..,fingerprints.

Our next step in bringing our son home is going to a police station and having our finger prints sent to Homeland Security. I love that...and I love what its representing. Think about it...God has to be smiling...each of us is so unique that no two fingerprints are exactly alike, but in his divine sovereigty our fingers are an exact match for our son/brother. You just can't make this stuff up. Only a creator God can do this, only he can make this happen.

Reality is we see God's fingerprint all around us everyday. Did you see the sunrise this morning or last night's sunset? How about those unique clouds you saw a few days ago? I love fall when the leaves change every year. How about winter and snow? How about the hug of a child or a parent? Did you hear him last week as someone told you they cared or will be praying for you?

His fingerprint is everywhere...the question is are we actively looking or aware?

Thank you God for continue to change our world with your fingerprints.

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