Life lessons...

January 28, 2015 0
Some of the greatest lessons learned are from your children.  I remember hearing "it goes by so fast" as a young man, now I am convinced it goes by way too fast.  I wish I could stop it and bury every memory deep inside my heart.  However, I am also grateful for the opportunity to create memories along the way.  Recently, I had the opportunity to have dinner with my youngest daughter at college.  She always makes me laugh through her expressions and words.  I truly value my unique relationship with each of my children.
Throughout our conversation, I was reminded she is looking to her Daddy for guidance and direction.  She has many important decisions to make in the next few years. I pray my council is right in the eyes of God.  One thing I love about Shannon is how she challenges me biblically.  She loves to ask deep questions which make me think, and pushes to know Gods word.

As I was driving back to home to Birmingham, I began to reflect on the significance of what Jesus asked of his children.  Two simple words with a lifetime of meaning..."follow me".  It's a phrase I have heard my whole life, but suddenly the image became clearer in my mind.   
Jesus is not asking his children to simply follow him from a distance.  He is imploring those he loves to follow right behind him as we walk through life.  We were never meant for his children to walk through life alone.  He created us with love and a purpose.  He knows the plans he has for us.  He promised he would never leave or forsake us.  In fact, he tells us trust in him and not our own understanding so he can direct our paths.
Shannon, thanks for pushing to be a better brother in Christ and a Father!  I love you forever!

Looking out the window...

January 10, 2015 0
It's been a long time since I have written or posted anything.   The craziness of life gets in the way of good intentionsMy heart is full of pride for my incredible family.  This has been a year of transition for the Compton clan and more is yet to come.  Jessica is preparing to graduate and move away.    Shannon is freshman at Auburn and busy with social and academic life.  Emmanuel wakes smiling and ready go every single day.  Kathy and I very proud of our children and their passion to follow Christ while impacting the lives of others.
This morning, my heart was filled with joy and sadness as I watched Jessica paint outside the window.  This is the first time I have written like this in a along time, but writing has always been the best way to express my feelings.
Looking out the window
Looking out the window seeing my little girl painting something new.  Immediately my eyes fill with tears.  She looks back and smiles as if she can see right through me. Remembering all the joys and laughter of this little girl. 
My eyes fill with tears.  I have to grow up now Daddy, it's time I fly!  With all that is in me I want to stop time and never let her go.  
Take me back to a little bat girl on a tire swing, a little girl waddling through the house singing Barney. Take me back to a little blonde squirrel girl walking up a Kentucky lane one last time.  Take me back to two little girls laughing as they hear fee fi foo fom  only to hear do it again Daddy, do it again Daddy.  
Looking out the window I see my girl little paining and my eyes fill with tears. The time has come to begin to let my baby fly.   
Oh Lord, you above of all know the pain in my heart.  Please watch over our little girl with the heart of a Daddy.  She was yours before mine, and you allowed me to be a part of her life.  Holy Spirit tuck her in with your presence, squeeze her tight and never let her go! 
Looking out the window I see the future and my eyes fill with tears. The time has come...just one more hug, just one kiss, just one more I love you Daddy before you go.
Looking out the window my eyes fill with tears...
Rob Compton