Quick update...

Sorry, I know it's been a while since we updated our blog.  We have been home for over 5 weeks.  Hard to believe! Eman is doing great, Kathy is exhausted, and I am trying to a keep everything on a even keel.  Jessica is back at the University of Mobile for her Senior year, and Shannon has started her Junior year at Pelham.  

Kathy returns to work and Eman starts Mothers Day Out on September 4th.  We are excited about this next step and so is Eman.  He packs his backpack almost daily.  

Health and developmentally Eman is doing really well.  He has parasites and low iron levels, but all that is expected.  He eats and sleeps like a champ, and really only cries after a nap or before meals.  The doctors seem to think the crying before meals maybe is way of mourning.  Okay, so we need to work on the patience side...Mommy and Daddy.  

Bonding is amazing! He is so engaging and loves for us to hug him and make over his accidents. The girls are really good with him, he certainly loves having two big sisters.  Kathy and I take turns sleeping with him at night.  Trust me, twin beds aren't made for 6'4 country boys. 

Thank you Sarah for the amazing pictures.  Check out her website @  http://cookwire.blogspot.com/

Shannon is 17 and will be a junior at Pelham High School
Jessica is 21 and a Senior at University of Mobile

Again, Sarah @cookwire photograhy does an amazing job

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