Happy Birthday Emmanuel - A father's letter

Emmanuel's Birthday is December 3rd. 

Happy Birthday E’man.

What an amazing year! The last seven months have been an incredible roller- coaster ride and we are so thankful God has brought you into our lives. You have changed us forever! In fact, God is already using you to impact the nations. How cool is that? We wish we could all be together, but God has a unique plan that only he fully understands. I can’t send a physical gift, but I can write you a letter from my heart and hope will have the opportunity to read at some point. If not, I believe we see each other in heaven and worship together.

Seven months ago, we decided to adopt. Several days later we saw you! You saw your big chocolate innocent eyes and very quickly knew you were the one. Yes, we looked at others, but there was just something about you that drew us to you. We excitedly started the process to bring you home to us as fast as possible. Needless to say, your picture is all around our house, wallets, key chains and in your room. We weren’t supposed to show your picture, but it’s nearly impossible to keep someone you love hidden away. You were instantly a part of our family and became topic #1 in our conversations. As news traveled, our friends and family became partners in our passion. All wanting to know every detail about you and asking when you’re coming home.

At the beginning of last month, we were expecting a phone call or an email at anytime acknowledging it was time for us to hold you. The only step remaining was a return to your birth village to ensure you were adoptable. We were surprised to hear your mother had taken you away and that no one knows where we are. Buddy, my heart broke! However, at the same time my cup was full your mother. I can’t imagine how hard the decision to let you go was like. I can’t imagine the joy she must of felt when she saw you again. I wonder, did she cry as she held you? Did you recognize her? Do you hold each other tight, not wanting to let you go?

Emmanuel, we love you and respect your mother so much. If God’s desire is to allow you to stay with your mother, we are thankful and at peace. If God’s desire is to bring you home to us…we are overjoyed.

Now, we stand at a crossroads wonder what to do. As we move to explore opportunities to adopt other children, you will always be in our hearts. You have had such a huge impact on us. As stated earlier, God is already using you impact the nations. Over 4500 people around the world have read about you and know your name. God is using your short little life to bring glory and honor to his name. Families who were waffling and now moving forward and while others are wrestling with a decision to adopt.

Emmanuel, I love you! Happy birthday my son! I wish I could hold you! I wish I could watch you blow out your candle. I am so proud you're a light to the world. I wonder what your birthday what you would wish for?

Our family wanted to wish you Happy Birthday!!

Grandmother Dot, cousin Montana and those crazy sisters of yours.

Uncle Rick, Papaw Richard, Mom, Lana and well...you know...the pretty girls.

Cousin Trevor, Jessica, Nana, Aunt Debi, Nana, Shannon, Papaw with Hedi and Mom.  

Birthday Boy's Room


Chaz Elban said...

What a wonderful post and blog. Thanks so much for sharing.

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Robin Sizemore said...

Rob - your faith filled journey is inspiring to all of us. We hope Ghana's internal governments will find their way to stability and working order soon for the children that wait - we are with you, He is with you and E'man has all of us waiting for him to join your family too.

Rob Compton said...

Thank you Chaz and Robin!