We are so close!

Everyday is filled with anticipation of news! Our family is so excited! We talk about E’man all the time and are constantly are repeating sound's clips from his videos. We are so humbled by the whole thing, and our hearts are filled with so much joy! Can you tell…I AM PUMPED? Think about it….God created this special little man with us in mind…how crazy is that? God, created him and calling and challenging us, even now in our hearts to disciple him in such a way that only God gets the glory. God desires to use his life to bring glory and honor in his name in nations. Come on really…The Compton’s, God are you sure? Yes, God replies again and again….I created you for this purpose; Rob, I know you’re broken. I know you’re a sinner, but I am a God who makes all things new. I can use you despite your weakness. I created your children and your wife for this purpose in mind. I AM who I say that I AM. When the exact moment is right, that I have been planning since the beginning of time, you be united as a family once and for all. You simply can’t make this stuff up or say there is no God. That just rocks! The reality is, we can never truly know or trust God until we  step out on faith and allow him to show us, who he is!

I know…I know...take a deep breath. I wish you could hear the laughter and joy in our house! The way we talk and look at each other and smile. God is preparing us! The road ahead will be difficult and challenge us in ways we can’t begin to understand. However, I love this ride!

So, here is where we are!

Our 1600 was approved and our POA picked up the Visa packet on Weds (6/20).

1. Our POA will complete the paperwork and let us know when to request a final visa interview.

2. Secure Eman’s Ghanaian passport and birth certificate with his new legal name - COMPTON

3. We will contact the embassy for a final visa interview

4. Our POA will attend the interview for us and then let us know when the when the visa will be ready

5. We will receive confirmation of when the visa will be ready

6. Make travel arrangements

7. Bring E-man home.

I still don’t know how this is going to happen. Summer rates have had a dramatic affect our flight cost, which is killing our budget. Nevertheless, there is no doubt our God is in control, and I am trying to best to stay focused on him. I look at the spreadsheet and worry; he looks at the spreadsheet and smiles, perhaps even laughs. Rob, I got this! I have always had your back!

Big thank you to the staff at Valleydale Church! The surprise for Kathy was amazing.   We are very touched!

We are so thankful for all those who continue to check and follow the blog around the world. We are somewhere around 42 states and 41 countries. Yeah, I know…its crazy…but then again...It’s God.

Until next time!!

Turn up your speakers and close your eyes!

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