Meeting our son for the first time

The gates to the orphanage opened and there he was, sitting on Lola Crain's lap.  Our hearts were beating so fast.  I still think Kathy set a world record getting out of the car.  For a second, we stared at him and he at us, but then I reached out my hands and he quietly laid his head on my shoulder.  Neither of us said anything.  i could hear Kathy crying and handed him to her.  The same thing happened, he just laid on her chest.  For the next 10-15 minutes he quietly slept and mom was beaming with joy.  We were bonding with our son.   After a quick nap and a biscuit (cookie) our little E-man came to life.  

No words could have prepared us for this; he was so alive and so happy! This is little boy had been through so much and nearly died twice. In fact, our POA called him the "miracle boy" and yet here he is standing in front of us singing, dancing and playing. Amazing. We debated on telling him we were his new mother and father, but our hearts won out, and suddenly he was saying Jessica, Shannon and mommy and daddy. I am not sure how much a three-year-old comprehends, but hearing him say Daddy all week was priceless.

There are so many miracles in his life, so many moments, we were questioning things and God was at work, preparing our son for us. His English is really good! He has no fear of adults (men or women), and race is a non-issue. His stomach is bloated, but the boy can out eat me!! Slow as Christmas...but wow...he can eat. We also found out his main caregiver, we thought was from Michigan was only 20 minutes from Kathy's mother. Are you kidding me? How crazy it that? We are so thankful for you Lola, and we are thrilled you will part of Emaw's (Ghananian name) life.

Favorite Memory 
The last morning-our van drove up and out he came running to my arms saying "Daddy." Even though our time was limited, we played a lot that day. We held hands and walked around the orphanage. He sang "it is me" and danced the Azonto for us. The day before was special because we went to the local Ramanda for some alone time. We taught him to swing, climb a ladder and slide down. He loved playing on the see-saw with his mama. When he climbed the ladder, he would sing his abc's and 123s and when he approached the slide, he would stretch out his hands and say, "I cannot go, hold my hand." Yeah, he needed his daddy! I loved it!!

Kathy's - Coming soon

Saying good-bye
As I said before, I am not sure how much a three year old comprehends, but to watch him cry as we left was tough.  However, I was at peace.  God had done more than I could have ever had dreamed, this had been an amazing week.  Several times during the week, he would tell his buddies, he is going to America on a plane with his mommy and daddy.  We never said anything about going to America and a plane, but he knew it.  Praise God for other families who have gone before us and who will come after us.  I also knew, we were heading home to be with the two sweetest girls ever! Yes, we were ripe and our first stop was Chic Fil A for some good ole sweet tea and chicken mini's.  Thanks Jessica and Shannon for a fun day! 

Now what...
We are waiting on Eman's passport and visas to be printed. Currently, all but one of Ghana's passports machines are broken. Once those are in hand, we book our return flight and book a one way to ticket for Emmanuel. The journey has been hard at times, but in hindsight, we can see the master was a work. In these moments, you realize so much about yourself and God.

This song has meant so much to me throughout this process. Now, knowing more about our son's story, I am more convinced then ever before, God has chosen us to disciple, love and raise our son to glorify God among the Nations. Emmanuel your beautiful and your are treasured and sacred. My heart is full! God, how can we say thank you for what you have done?

Flights have nearly doubled, which has destroyed our budget. Please let us know if you are interested in donating any skymiles. One round-trip flight is 130,000 miles. Currently, I have 82,000 miles in my account. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING makes a difference at this point. You have no idea how much we hate to ask.

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