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We are so close!

Everyday is filled with anticipation of news! Our family is so excited! We talk about E’man all the time and are constantly are repeating sound's clips from his videos. We are so humbled by the whole thing, and our hearts are filled with so much joy! Can you tell…I AM PUMPED? Think about it….God created this special little man with us in mind…how crazy is that? God, created him and calling and challenging us, even now in our hearts to disciple him in such a way that only God gets the glory. God desires to use his life to bring glory and honor in his name in nations. Come on really…The Compton’s, God are you sure? Yes, God replies again and again….I created you for this purpose; Rob, I know you’re broken. I know you’re a sinner, but I am a God who makes all things new. I can use you despite your weakness. I created your children and your wife for this purpose in mind. I AM who I say that I AM. When the exact moment is right, that I have been planning since the beginning of time, y…

Meeting our son for the first time

The gates to the orphanage opened and there he was, sitting on Lola Crain's lap.  Our hearts were beating so fast.  I still think Kathy set a world record getting out of the car.  For a second, we stared at him and he at us, but then I reached out my hands and he quietly laid his head on my shoulder.  Neither of us said anything.  i could hear Kathy crying and handed him to her.  The same thing happened, he just laid on her chest.  For the next 10-15 minutes he quietly slept and mom was beaming with joy.  We were bonding with our son.   After a quick nap and a biscuit (cookie) our little E-man came to life.  
No words could have prepared us for this; he was so alive and so happy! This is little boy had been through so much and nearly died twice. In fact, our POA called him the "miracle boy" and yet here he is standing in front of us singing, dancing and playing. Amazing. We debated on telling him we were his new mother and father, but our hearts won out, and suddenly h…

One week later

Iwillupdatetheblogthisweekend.Wehadanamazingtrip!Wearepreparingtogobackinthenextthreetofiveweeks.Belowarefewvideos,toshowyoujustalittle glimpse ofwhatwesaw.Wecan'twaittosharepicturesandvideosofourson,onceheishome.  These are unedited.

What is Ghana like?

This is the low income school, I discussed in an earlier post

 Leaving the school - glimpse into the village

Jessica and Shannon playing their African drums