Sunday, May 20, 2012

We finally met our son!!

What a day!

Video added: Road to the orphanage

We pulled in the driveway and with a beep of Percy's car horn, the gates opened and there was Lola (filming) with Emmanuel in her lap. Wow, this was really about to happen! We sat there a second just looking at him wondering what to do, I stretched out my hands and he came right to me and laid his head on my shoulder. I looked over at Kathy who had tears flowing and a big smile on her face.  I held him for a while, then he laid on Kathy's chest as peaceful as he can be.  Within a few minutes, he was in a deep sleep snoring. What an a amazing moment! 

Video added: Lola made this amazing video at the orphanage. Halfway through you will see the moment we met Emmanuel. 

The owners wife took him inside to ensure he didn't miss snack time.  Within a few minutes, out came E'Man with a fast sprint straight to his Mama.  By this time, he was wide awake and ready to go!  Kathy pulled out his new family photo book and we went through every picture. He would try to say almost every name.  By the end, he was able to distinguish Jessica and Shannon. He also named all his grandparents.

Video added: Eman speaking for the first time

He played for a little while then started singing his abc's and 123's in my lap (fun video).   He has a little gruff voice and a big belly laugh and a smile that will light up a room!  Yes, we are just a little bit proud of  Most importantly, we are in awe of the Lord. 

Video added: ABC's and  123's

The more we talked to Lola, the more we were touched by her testimony. I loved her sweet gentle spirit and passion to seek Christ on his terms. I will share more about her along the way.  We thought she lived in Michigan, but she actually lives in Maryville, Tn. Only 20 minutes from Kathy's mom in Knoxville, how crazy is that? . 

Our time ended with E'Man saying he is coming to America on a plane.  He did ask if we would buy him a pair of shoes and two elephants.  It was hard saying good-bye and knowing leaving him behind on Friday will be painful. We just pray for a short turnaround.

Video added: This was taken soon after we left for the first time.  He is looking at the gates as he talks.  This one is always a little hard to watch.

Video added: E Coming to America

Percy has been so kind and has done so much to help Emmanuel survive (literally) and make this adoption possible.  We learned more about his mother and grandmother who we will meet next time we are here.  We are thankful to Hopscotch Adoption Agency who has done a great job of keeping us informed and setting the right expectations.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.  We will post videos and pictures when we have him home. 

Love to all!

Prayer requests:Monday - embassy appointment
Orphans - there are 33 orphans in this home, thankfully many are being adopted. However, there are still 147 million who need homes.  We would love to answer any questions you may have. 

Jessica and Shannon - Praise God for their hearts!

E'Man - primarily his health and the huge adjustment that awaits him.

Kathy - for putting up with me. We walked two miles to get a pizza and it would have been much easier to take a taxi...but not near as fun as walking down a busy road in Ghana. Please continue to pray for Kathy's back.  She is doing much better, the walk may not of been my best idea...

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