We are going to Africa!

Court date set, airline tickets purchased, bags being packed! We are so thankful for your support and prayers over the last year. We are very excited about the opportunity to meet and visit with our son! The last two weeks have been crazy. We have learned so much about Emmanuel through pictures, video’s emails and posts. One of my favorite comments is from one of his caregivers who happens to be from Michigan “he is a little guy, who is so full of personality, I tell him all the time he is a 45-year-old man trapped in a two year’s body because he is so smart and funny.” We also know he is left- handed, filled with energy, loves to dance, laugh and has a look that will make you melt.

We are so thankful we have direct flights (around 12 hours) coming and going out of Atlanta and a great friend who will be staying with our girls at the house. Our embassy/immigration appointment is next Monday @ 2:00 PM. We will try to update blog during our stay. We can’t wait to share pictures and videos with you!

For those who know me….I know you’re surprised by this simple and short update. There is just a lot to process. A family friend of Jessica’s (thanks Susan) shared this song with us, and it says so much more than I can right now.  I don't know

David Barnes – Mine to Love

You might wanna close your eyes

It’ll take some time adjustin’

Welcome to your life

You’re everything you’ll someday be

There’s a weight off my shoulder

There’s laughter in the air

You are the answer to every midnight prayer

You’re mine to love

We have all been waitin’ on you

You’re mine to love

Come into these open arms

It took some time to wait it out

But I see it now, you’re worth all the dreaming of

You’re mine to love

You’re mine to love

You might wanna take your time

Takin’ all this technicolor, yeah

We’re on your side

Let us be the one you need

There’s a life on my shoulder

Laughter in the air

You are the answer to all those midnight prayers

You’re mine to love

We have all been waitin’ on you

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