Mixed Emotions

Kathy and I are very excited by this opportunity God has provided! The last year has been full of surprises and challenges.  Tomorrow we will get on plane and travel 6000 miles to meet our precious new son! Which is amazing! We are blown away by what God has done for our family.  

We we will also leaving our two sweet little girls behind which will be challenging.  Jessica and Shannon, we couldn't prouder of the ladies you are!

As a father, I am so proud of the decisions, you are making and your desire to excel. I love how you make me smile, laugh and exasperate me (lol).  As your brother in Christ, your humbleness inspires me!  You both continue to make tough stands which comes at a cost.  However, you stand firm in your faith, even when others don't understand.   There are hard days and weeks, but in the end you stand strong.  

We love you and miss you already. 

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