Adoption Update

Adoption update:  
We continue to be so appreciative of your thoughts and prayers throughout this journey. We are approaching the one-year mark. What a ride this has been! One of the biggest surprises has been how much you can truly love someone you have never met. To be honest, I feel the same way I did when Kathy was pregnant with the girls. Constantly wondering what he is doing, what he’s like and of course whom he will looks like. In this journey to bring those little hands and feet home, we have seen our Creators’ hands everywhere. God has shown Himself in so many unique ways, reassuring us of our decisions and His timing. Status update: 

We understand E-man is feeling better, after suffering from Malaria. Our assigned judge was moved to a higher court. So, our advocate has withdrawn our paperwork and re-filed with the higher courts. We have no idea what this means for timing, but I can honestly tell you that learning to truly trust in God's timing has been life changing. Don't get me wrong, there are rough days, but His Sovereign plan is perfect. Preparing to bring another child into our lives has also challenged me to look at the man in the mirror. I am so thankful for a God who believes in forgiveness and restoration. 

Confronting sin is ugly, holding onto to grace is freeing. I have spent my whole life growing and running from God in a variety of different ways. However, recently I have been studying about the fear of God. The study of this topic has been transforming. Too many times, we tend to rationalize this truth away. Reality is fear drives us to our knees where we learn the character of God, which causes us to see His Sovereignty. Please continue to pray for Emmanuel, his birth mother, and Percy as he intercedes on our behalf to give our son a forever family. We are praying we have him in our arms before summer and we know that our God works through the prayers of the righteous, therefore, we ask that you join us in that prayer.

The video below is from a recent project with Both Hands to help bring Eman home.  We are so thankful for our amazing family and friends!  Volunteers, I hope you enjoy the video and thank you for the being the hands and feet go God. Click to learn more about Both Hands

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