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Eman is coming home!

Adoption update. Emmanuel's mother was found and agreed to continue the process of adoption. Please remember her in your prayers.  We will probably meet her during our last trip.  This is where it gets exciting.  Our in- country coordinator plans to appear in court by the end of the month with Emmanuel's mom declaring us as his parents.    We will then Travel to Ghana for 10 days to meet our son for the very first time and file I600. 

We will not have nor will we try to take custody of him    We will visit with him and all the other orphans throughout the day .  Though our hearts will be with him 24/7, it's simply not in the best interest for Emmanuel for us to keep him with us when we know that we will have to walk away in 10 short days to return home.

Once the I600 is approved and visas are printed, we will the then go to bring E-man home. The waiting period has been one to two months    So, what's our best guess on when we will have E-man home..possibly the last wee…

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