Now, I am an expectant father again.

Adoption Update: Birth mother and Emmaunel are missing. So, we aren't sure what is next.  However, we know the creator of all things has us in his hands and we are peaceful as we wait. 

 My youngest daughter (at this time) turns 16 this weekend. I am amazed at how fast time goes. I blinked and now she is a sophomore. Shannon is a lot like me, in many ways, but it’s her heart and her love language, which moves me the most. I also love the “life” conversations which can occur at any time with my daughters. They are tender, sweet and humbling as I reminded of my dependence on the Holy Spirit. I love hearing my girls say, “Daddy." They will laugh when they read this, because there are times when I ask them say it repeatedly. Those words bring so much peace to my heart. I also love to hear them laugh. There simply is nothing like that sound and the smiles which follow. In that moment, you sense the deepest kind of satisfying love. You wish you could record every tiny moment in your mind forever.

I remember one of the first things we did after we learned Kathy was pregnant with our first child was to run out and buy What To Expect When Your Expecting. I found certain parts of the book useful and informative, but others I found absolutely fascinating. Dads, you know exactly what I am talking about, the author explained how my child was developing and all the new things going on. I found myself captivated by the words, and suddenly. It didn’t sound so crazy to sing or talk into my wife’s stomach regularly. Little did I know, how a tremendous impact that would have on me, months later. This was going to happen. I was really going to have a baby, and she was going to be mine. Today, Jessica is 20 and when she first entered this world, I couldn’t speak for a few seconds. However, when I did her little head turned from side to side trying to find the voice which has been speaking to her on the inside. The blessings of fatherhood are truly amazing.

Now, I am an expectant father again. We are seven months along and very excited about our newest addition. We think its boy and only one boy, but God does have a sense of humor. We have many of the same questions we had with our first two children. What he will be like? What will he look like? Will he take after his mother or his father? What kind of personality will he have? The peaceful part is, God already knows, and he is smiling down on us as he prepares our family.

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