Adoption comes full circle for my family...

Adoption update: Our son is still missing. We have updated our home study, in case we need to go in a different direction. Yes, it's been tough and we have good and hard days. However, we know he is on the throne which provides SO much peace and comfort. We are excited about the next steps.

There is more to our adoption story....

I had an amazing and unique childhood, which has shaped me in so many different ways. My parents were raised in two distinct ways

My father was raised on a rural dairy farm. Early morning chores, long hard days working in the fields and one-room school house and occasional trips to the city was his way of life. His mother's determination to provide a quality education and a way out inspired my father and his brothers. In fact, she was his schoolteacher in the one room schoolhouse for many years. His father was a lifelong railroad man. Hard work and county living was his reality, and shaped his tireless work ethic. I always loved going to the farm and to town and hearing how much people admired my grandparent's hearts.  The picture below is with my Mom and Dad along with my daughters Shannon and Jessica.

My mother on the other hand was raised in a very small town where everyone knew every one. Mom's parents were well known due to their involvement in church activities and because my grandfather managed the local G.C. Murphy store which would compare to today's Wal-Mart. My grandfather was a simple man who truly had a servant heart. Up until the day he died, he was constantly serving or working on some project at the church. My grandmother was one tough and sometimes mean lady. Yet,I never questioned their love for my mother. So, as a child growing up in the city, I had the opportunity to spend quality time in all three settings. It was a truly incredible way to grow up and I am also thankful I had a loving protective sister to help me get through the tough times.

I don"t remember the age when I found out, but somewhere on life's journey I learned my mother was adopted. Her parents would not talk about it and I quickly learned it was a taboo subject. Yet, over the years my mother would share her desire to learn her story. She was very grateful for her parents, but she wanted to know "why". I don't think we could have envisioned how God would answer her question. The answer to her question of "why" continues to be answered with "how". God continues to teach us "How" her life along with my father's lives are effecting children and families all around the world. Simply amazing to watch this play out in front of us.  The picture below is my mother's senior pic from High School. 

I along with other members of my family wanted to help mom find her birth family but wasn't sure how. During one of my parent’s last moves, my mother requested her birth certificate and her original was sent, which provided the clue we needed. We now knew her mothers' name and vital information. I posted the information on a couple of genealogy sites and, to my surprise, I quickly got a hit. Amazingly, her brother had also been looking for my mom. My sister and I began to correspond with her family. Within a few months my mother had the opportunity to meet her mother and all her brothers. Sadly, her mother was not interested in maintaining a lasting relationship with my Mom or any of her other children, yet she has developed an amazingly close relationship with several of her brothers whom she visits often.

The picture is with my Mom, Dad and Sister Debi.

All this happened after my Grandfather passed away and as my Grandmother's altymeizers was getting progressively worse. God's timing, as always, was perfect. She was saying goodbye to one side of her family, and hello to another. This was an incredibly emotional journey for my mother and I am so thankful I was able to watch the story develop.

Now, the next chapter begins. I am so thankful my mother was not aborted. Her life has brought so much joy to our family. As I said earlier, I am so thankful for my childhood and my amazing parents Because a life was chosen, God has provided an opportunity for us to impact yet another life. I can't help but wonder what this experience is like from my mother's perspective. Thank you Lord for my parents, their love, guidance and devotion. As God has radically changed my views, I know the hardest impact at times has been on my family. I thank you for patience as God continues to mold and shape me. i am a life forever changed.

Now,we wait to see what God is up too.....

Father, thank you for your passion and desire to use us to impact your kingdom.  Find us faithful in our decisions and help us to be joyful.

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