11/4 - A mother's broken heart

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Today, my (Kathy) heart is broken but my faith is strong. My head knows that God is in control of all things, He is Sovereign, He has a plan, and nothing that happens in our lives is a surprise to our Creator. But, we found out yesterday that the son we have invested in this past year, the son we have come to know as Emmanuel, the son that have grown to love as much as our biological children will probably stay with his birth mother. 

In one respect, that is the goal of all foster parenting situations. The goal to reunite a child with their birth parents is understandable and often what is best for the child. But in an instance where we don’t know that birth mom, don’t know the circumstances that Emmanuel will be living in, don’t really know anything more than she has decided to keep him, it’s very hard to convince your heart that it’s right. My head knows. It’s very hard to let go in my heart.

We aren’t sure what this means for us regarding our adoption. We firmly believe that God has a son or daughter for us and we will move towards that means. What we are not sure of is if we have to start the whole entire process over, or if we just re-submit paperwork that went to Ghana. We are in limbo…waiting with hurt and heavy hearts to find out what lies ahead.

Please pray for our family in the interim that we continue to submit to God’s plan for our lives, that no bitterness would form in our hearts and that we can move confidently ahead to making our family complete.

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Delana said...

Praying for you and your family during this challenging time!