Tick, Tick, Tick

The time is ticking and we hopefully are getting closer and closer to meeting our son for the very first time. I find myself in a grateful but reflective mood. The other night, I looked at the stars for a long time in bewilderment and wondered if our son ever did the same thing. The moon was so bright and couldn’t help but wonder if he was looking as well. What will be that moment like? How will it feel to see his face and to hold him in my arms? What will it be like to hear him call me daddy at some point? What will it be like the first time I hear him pray or to sing? I am filled with so many questions.

I still wonder sometimes how I got here? My life has been a roller coaster filled with crazy turns and unpredictable loops. Now, I hear the click as we prepare to crest over another crazy hill with our arms held high with anticipation. We don’t have any firm date expectation, but filled with excitement. Our agency Hopscotch Adooptons  has been amazing, and we are grateful to each of them. If you're interested in adoption, we would highly recommend them. We know our social worker in our West African Country has also been working tirelessly to help us.

The blog has also been comforting to us. Since we started to track wither by chance or intentional, people in 14 countries and 40 different US cities have at least visited the blog once. I am so grateful to the body of Christ for displaying the beauty of God’s grace to the world. The body Christ coming together with one common cause, which is to see God glorified.

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