Big week of approvals

We received approvals from the US government to adopt. Our dossier and 1600 are both on the way to our adoptive country! We hope to be traveling in the next four weeks to spend 10 ten days in Africa and hopefully travel back three to four weeks later to bring Emmanuel home. We prayerfully hope to have Emmanuel home for Christmas. Hard to believe we started this process in May.

We have also been blown away by you! This journey has never been about us or Emmanuel; it has always been about God and his will for our lives. So many of you have bought a shirt, sent a note or offered to help in some way. We are truly grateful and excited for everyone to meet our son. Over the next several weeks there will be a variety of different opportunities to get involved.

Retreat Raffle – Register to win an amazing weekend at one of Alabama’s premier properties, winner can choose from a group of selected dates.

Adoption Shower - will be held on October 16th at Valleydale Church in the Big Room from 12:30 to 2:00. The event will be hosted by Patti Cato and Kathy McKinley

Zumba Party - will be held on 9:00 am at Valleydale Church. The event will be hosted by Shari Hyde.

T-shirts – we will place a second order next Thursday.

Those who know me...know how much I love music. This song has spoken to me on so many levels over the last few weeks. Love the words.

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