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As most of you know the adoption can be along difficult journey. We received an email yesterday from our adoptive country stating all adoptions have been suspend until further notice. The government is trying to change the law and require us to stay their for three months. We have no idea what this may mean for our blended family. We are deeply sadden but we know he is sovereign. More soon...

Revelation and timing

Adoption update: The brakes have been put on. We are in a holding pattern waiting for forms to clear and the adoptive African country to approve our paperwork and provide new travel dates. I can’t say we were surprised, but it did leave us a little emotionally drained. For two months, we were moving at hundred miles an hour and within seconds you are complete stop.
We are in the process of designing T-shirt’s which we will make available soon. The proceeds will go towards our adoption fund to bring our little man home. Yeah…I probably need to ask a real graphic designer instead of trying to do it myself or stealing someone else’s idea. We are also open to other fundraising ideas, so please feel free to share with us. I have also started reading Orphanology by Tony Merida & Rick Morton. The timing of this book for me personally couldn’t be better. If I am brutally honest, there are times I stop and wonder what are we doing? Is this really the right thing to do? As one of our instruct…

Could Emmanuel be our Christmas gift?