June 30, 2011 0
This roller coaster ride of adoption is an interesting journey full of unknowns.  We are still praying and hoping the ban on adoptions will lift soon in our adopting country.  BUT…we are learning in the process, and some of the lessons are life changing.  We are learning the meaning of sovereignty as God clearly shows us who is in control of all things.  Our hearts desire is to bring Emmanuel home as fast as possible.  We were deeply saddened when we received the email while serving with our youth group in Chicago informing us of the suspensions, but it also did not come as a complete shock.  We are in a spiritual batter beyond our comprehension.  Faith is trusting in the one whose very nature is defined by love and righteousness.

We realize some people think we are absolutely crazy for starting over with children.  The concept is kind of crazy isn’t it?  Sacrificing financially, leaving our home to go to another place and then adopt a child into our family, promising them love, hope, protection and a future.   But so was God to send His Son.  So was God to forgive us, to adopt us.  So was Jesus for leaving the perfection of heaven to be homeless, penniless and murdered while livening out a life we are called to follow.   So that, he can provide love, hope, protection and a future for his adoptive children.

Some have even said perhaps this is a sign from God you shouldn’t go through with it.  Here is the problem…I was spiritually adopted by God, who is in the process of teaching, molding and shaping my heart and mind to be a warrior.  I am such a weak person in regard to some of the sin in life, but the thought of having to set an example for my son challenges me to be stronger.  

So, here is the question I am thinking through this week.  Will we be held I help held accountable for my action or non action towards those in need around the world.



June 25, 2011 4
As most of you know the adoption can be along difficult journey. We received an email yesterday from our adoptive country stating all adoptions have been suspend until further notice. The government is trying to change the law and require us to stay their for three months. We have no idea what this may mean for our blended family. We are deeply sadden but we know he is sovereign. More soon...

Revelation and timing

June 15, 2011 1
Adoption update: The brakes have been put on. We are in a holding pattern waiting for forms to clear and the adoptive African country to approve our paperwork and provide new travel dates. I can’t say we were surprised, but it did leave us a little emotionally drained. For two months, we were moving at hundred miles an hour and within seconds you are complete stop.

We are in the process of designing T-shirt’s which we will make available soon. The proceeds will go towards our adoption fund to bring our little man home. Yeah…I probably need to ask a real graphic designer instead of trying to do it myself or stealing someone else’s idea. We are also open to other fundraising ideas, so please feel free to share with us.
I have also started reading Orphanology by Tony Merida & Rick Morton. The timing of this book for me personally couldn’t be better. If I am brutally honest, there are times I stop and wonder what are we doing? Is this really the right thing to do? As one of our instructors said in a seminar, when you go to pick up your child…you are basically kidnapping your child.

Kidnapping…are you serious? That’s the word you are going to use? I was offended at her word choice, but then she said it again and again. I sat there stunned and perhaps for the first time started to feel a little of his pain. Kidnapping was the right word which provided a powerful visualization of the coming reality for our son. Strangers are coming to take him from everything he knows so that we can quickly return to the safety of everything we know. Every sight, sound, taste, feel he has ever known is being taken from him. Perhaps for the first time all my thoughts were focused on him alone.

I say that to be transparent and humbly ask for you to pray for Emmanuel.
Yes, I do believe we are doing the right thing. I am grateful for the opportunity to process the meaning of these thoughts and try to put everything into proper perspective.

We really can change world…we can impact the world by changing the life of one person at a time. Listen to words of this classic song.

Could Emmanuel be our Christmas gift?

June 07, 2011 0
Sorry for the delay but things have been moving quickly recently in regard to our adoption.  The process is complicated and the paperwork appears too endless but the excitement grows with each passing day.  The good news is there is a strong possibility we may travel in July to spend time with our son.  The bad news is we may not be able to bring him home for another five to six months after our initial meeting.  Of course, this brings up a ton of questions, and we can't help but wonder if he will even remember us. How will he feel when we turn and walk away?  This is where I am so thankful to know our sovereign God is in complete control, and we must learn to trust him in all things. So now, we are praying to have Emmanuel home before Christmas.  Below is a picture of little man's room we completed Sunday.   

I have really been thinking a lot about radical obedience recently and trying to figure out what that looks like in my life.  When I think of obedience I tend to think of that group of disciples made up mostly teenagers, which were radically changed by two simple words "follow me". Think about it, Jesus expected the men he was with not to over think or debate but simply obey him.  They were not required to be smart, but they had to be loyal. Once they agreed to follow...they were expected to do as Jesus did.

I don't know if I would say it's the biggest surprise...but it's been interesting to watch people faces as you tell them your adopting.  The majority of people are generally very excited for us, but on occasion you get the look which places a pit in your stomach.  The conversation goes something like this....that's great your adopting, where are you adopting from? We are adopting from West Africa.  Hmm...that's nice. The conversation quickly needs. You can see it in their eyes and all over their faces...he's black! We will also here that's great. We could never do something like that?  Believe me...I have way too much sin in my life to judge someone else. BUT. I wonder sometimes are people really reading and studying the words written in red.  Where did come up the notion we can pick and choose which verses we believe and which verses we can choose to follow or not?  I guess the core question comes back to one's view of the bible.  Do you believe it be true?  All of it? 

Thank you friends for allowing me to work out my faith along side you.  

Maybe this video will explain what I am going through.