Laying it down

“Lay it down…for just 10 days…lay it down! Are you willing to totally let go for 10 days and trust God”. I heard that several nights ago during a Beth Moore Revelation Study and can’t those words out of my head. Am I willing to “lay it down”…how many times have I been at this exact place in my Christian journey. Holding on to something so tight and not letting go. As if I know better than God.

My world seems to be changing so fast, as God increases my knowledge and thirst for the word. Simple truths and words seem to jump off the pages of scripture or appear as big bold letters. Kathy’s ministry at Valleydale is truly amazing to watch…the young people truly love her and have grown up with her all around them. Jessica and Shannon’s ministries are also flourishing and they so humble me. I will share more, once I have their permission. I have never been more s excited and convicted about the Gospel message than I am right now. The more I read the more convinced I am that the time is now. We must not wait we must impact the world by touching one life at a time.

So what am I laying down?
Haiti! My family and I have been invited to work with several local churches in and around Port of Prince the week of Christmas (12/23-12/31). Kathy and the girls would conduct VBS events for the kids during the day and I would have the opportunity to speak three to four nights. I truly never expected to go back to Haiti this fast.

God’s timing.
Is always interesting, I look around my house and there is so much that needs to be done right now, but yet this amazing open door stands in front of us. Yet, I stand here struggling to figure out how I can make it happen. Should we send letters, should I go and get a loan or should I “lay it down”. Here’s the kicker that I can’t get past. I truly believe God has been pouring three messages into to me the last few months. Currently, I am taking a 13 week class on how to preach from one of the most gifted expository preachers of our time. Our assignment was to select a chapter of the Bible from a list he provided. Our group chose Luke 15. For those who don’t know this is a parable Jesus told to a select group of people revealing He is the Great Shepherd, He is the Light of the World and He is God.

So, I am laying it down! I am committed to not sending support letters or do anything else the next 10 days. I do ask for your prayers for our family. Jessica is currently in Peru (until the 17th), Kathy and Shannon are feeling under the weather. Most importantly, I hope you also consider laying it down for the next 10 days. What are you holding onto that you simply won’t let go of? Lay it down…and lay it before who was, who is and who’s to come.

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