Letter from Birmingham

April 16, 2013 0
 Today, mark’s the 50th anniversary of  MLK's letters from Birmingham.  The words are profound and filled with moral conviction.  A conviction to see the world for not what it was, but for what it could be.  Martin Luther King had a desire to impact the world in such a way that others could see the power of scriptures, which taught him the power of perseverance and love. Jesus tells us repeatedly about the power of love. 

Today, 50 years later we have made profound strides in race relations, but we still have a long way to go.  Sadly there are more human beings in slavery than any other point in history.   Dr. King questioned the position of the modern church in his letters and wondered why were they not stepping to stop the injustice.  We have been fortunate to travel to a variety of places and have seen with our own eyes the plight of poverty and continuous abuse to the fatherless.   The behind scenes story of your brother is tragic, the hope for others exists in our trust of the Lord.

My prayer is you never forget what you have seen and felt in those moments. I pray as you seek to grow with Christ,  you always leave your passports and hearts open for his calling.  Professionally, work as hard as can and set the example for others to follow.  Earn as much money as you can, to support the mission to end slavery.  

Here is the link to the letters from Birmingham

Your amazing beautiful children.  I am so blessed.  Please let's continue to find ways to help children around the world.  Because they are God's children and he allowed us an opportunity to impact their lives for his glory.  

I love you always and forever!

New Purpose

April 11, 2013 0

The purpose of Touchone is changing. The ability to write out ones words, provides a unique way to express ones emotions. Over the last two years, the blog was a means to update family and friends of our adoption journey. Now, the blog will serve as an open challenging love letter to my children who inspire me to be a man after God's own heart.

Each of you know I fall short. In fact, I am a sinner who is in desperate need of a loving savior. I constantly need a Savior full of grace a mercy. I want to be a stronger man and example. The desire is not to justify sin, but flee from the temptation which leads to sin. Just like Christ, my children have shown inspiring grace and mercy to me. I am forever grateful.

Today is April 15, 2013. I'm reading a book called gods at War by Kyle Idleman, which focuses on the battle with Idols. I enjoy reading books which challenge my core beliefs. The ones that step on your toes and make us think.

First, books should never take the place of your Bible study. There is something remarkable about opening God's word with the purpose of listening to the creator of all things. Personally, I believe the Bible is the perfect breathing word. A word spoken to men to inspire to us to live differently. In such a way, we impact the world.

The biggest challenge I have with this book is the Biblical truth which confronts me. Questions like: what am I placing ahead Of Jesus in my life? Who are we truly worshiping?

Worship is supernaturally woven into your DNA. Worshiping nothing is not an option.

• What consumes my thoughts?
• Whom do I look to in times of distress?
• Who do I think can solve my issues and worries?
• Who or what do I think will provide my ultimate happiness?
• People are choosing their gods and brining their offerings and most of the time its not   the God who can provide.
• At the end of the day the real offering is ourselves.

"The most important daily habit we can possess is to remind ourselves daily of the gospel" Spurgeon

I love you and am praying for and your future spouses.