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Blessed...Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Compton's

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What a crazy year this has been!  This time last year, we praying for a miracle to have Emmanuel home as soon as possible.  This year, we reflect on the blessings of our new family.  On December 3rd, we celebrated his third birthday and on the 18th we celebrated his five month anniversary of being home. 

The last five months have been exciting, fun and challenging in a variety of different ways.  However, God has been perfect in his timing to bless, renew and refresh us.  Emmanuel is doing so well!  His amazing heart and desire to be a good boy is truly teaching us.   I am inspired by his ability to memorize scripture and his desire to hear God's word on my phone.  I truly pray, we are the parents God has called to be and we disciple him in ways of our Lord.
Jessica - has completed her first semester of her senior year with 4.0.  We are proud of her effort to finish strong.  Amazed…