We are home!!

July 21, 2012 1

So many, life changing events have occurred over the last several days, it's hard to try to put them in simple words. We pray God has been glorified.  In order to provide some perspective, I thought it might be good to provide a day by day account of our adventure. I also added a few videos which may help provide some perspective.


Friday-we arrived at the Ghanaian airport and our plans were changed.  The decision was made for one of care givers to bring Eman a local restaurant other than us going to the orphanage.  So, we sat at Southern Fried Chicken and waited to see our sweet little Emmanuel.  I couldn’t help but to laugh, at where this was happening.  My extended family grew up eating Kentucky Fried Chicken at every big family event and somehow it just seemed fitting.  Kathy and I had not seen him in seven weeks and this was the first time the girls would have the opportunity to meet their baby brother.   The car pulled up and we were out the door.  He was quiet as we hugged him and told him we loved and missed him.  We then went inside to eat and as he started to eat, the little man with the most incredible personality started to reemerge and we were a family.  


Saturday- we stayed around the hotel and simply enjoyed learning more about each other while adjusting to our news lives.  We also had the opportunity to spend time at the pool as Eman slowly got up the nerve to get in with Daddy. 


Sunday-we had a small party at E'mans orphanage, as he said good-bye to all of his friends and caregivers.  We knew this was the right thing to do, but it's so hard to watch your son shut down. He simply, did not want to be there and after a few hours he was ready to go.  We then went to the market, which is always an experience in Ghana.  Lastly, we spent a little more time in the pool.   We were constantly reminded this boy can eat more chicken and rice then humanly possible while making pooping a profession.

Monday- we started the day at school for children that have been rescued from all kinds of crazy things and/or orphaned. The neat part of this experience was we were there to pass the blessings. A group of girl’s scouts packed a suitcase full of supplies for the children. The kids were very excited and thankful for the gifts and cards the girls made. Peyton and Brooke Gober donated enough money to buy two big bag of rice. The majority of kids eat one meal day a day.  These two 50 pound pages of rice will go a long way. 
Thank you Girl Scouts

Thanks Peyton and Brooke!!
The girls serving the school

We then went back to the hotel to wait on E'mans mother and Grandmother to arrive.  They came over six hours from the countryside to meet us.  We had no idea what to expect or how Eman would respond.  The meeting went well.   Eman was very quiet, but handled things better than we expected. 
Jessica, Auntie, Kathy, Rob, Eman, Grandmother, Shannon, Ebenezer, Mother
We then went back to Southern Fried Chicken for one last pizza before heading to the airport to begin the forty hour trip home.

As we said all along, we are so appreciative of your support along this 14 month journey.  You've kept us going through the battles and shared our joys as well.
Emmanuel James Compton is not ours, he was created by God for a unique role and we are thankful God has chosen us and you to be apart of his life. We all have a responsibility to disciple him, as we have been called.
This is the first picture we ever saw.  All information was wrong, but he had our heart instantly. Two days later, we were matched with our new son.

This amazing video by Lola Crain, also has the moment we first saw him in person.

Lastly - in case you haven't seen our little boy dance...here you go!!

The time has come...

July 11, 2012 0

I am not exactly sure what to write at this moment. I am overwhelmed by so many things.  There is still so much to do, but tomorrow at 4:00 PM, we board a plane bound for Africa. The primary goal is, to bring Emmanuel James Compton home forever. On Friday, we will host a going-away party at his orphanage. On Saturday, we will visit another orphanage and deliver supplies, followed by family time at the beach. Our Sunday, will be spent at the local market. Monday we will begin our journey home through Amsterdam.   We will stop in Memphis Tuesday evening, to give Eman a break from traveling.  On Weds the 23rd at 10:00 AM, Eman will officially be in Birmingham.

What a ride this has been!  We have been touched by the prayers, support and sacrificial giving. Early on, we realized this is much bigger than our family.  This is a task only God could do!  I also love how he did it, in such a way, only he can get the glory. Our task was not to stand in his way!  Amazingly, the blog has had over 10,000 hits from 40 + counties.    

We are so excited, but realize in many ways this is just the beginning.  Our lives will never be the same. Please prayer for Emmanuel.  We all agree adoption is phenomenal.  However, our little boy is about to have his world turned upside down, and this will be traumatic for him. As you know, we will be very protective of him through the bonding process. I promise you will have an opportunity to the meet him, but please be patient with us.

The first pictures of Eman will come from Kathy.  I am not sure whether she will use Instagram or Facebook. I will update the blog along the way. We  have about 20 videos ready to go on You Tube, which are currently private.  Yeah, we are just a little excited.

To those who are still searching...

To my brothers and sisters in Christ:
We know he is coming...we know we will be judged on how we live....are we thinking, acting and living expectantly? The urgency of Jesus words throughout scripture should breathe fuel into us and compel us to live differently and with passion.

I am constantly reminded of my weak sinful nature, but if I constantly look back, in shame, I won't have the tenacity to look forward to be the man God created me to me.  Scripture is not about complacency.

We love you!
Rob, Kathy, Jessica, Shannon and E’man.

Almost Home!!!

July 02, 2012 1
Please be in prayer! July 3rd is our exit interview in Ghana.  Our POA (Power of Attorney) will conduct our exit interview on our behalf.  This is one of the last major hurdles.  The next step is our visa print date.  Once we have our visa print date, we will purchase our plane tickets to bring E'man home.  I won't lie...the waiting is exhausting. The expenses just keep coming. However, we have seen God do so many amazing things along this journey.  So, I wanted to share a few of the recent stories with you.

  • As you know, one family paid for the girls to go with us!  How amazing is  that?
  • Two weeks ago, our insurance company agreed to replace our roof which is almost 18 years old.
  • Today we received the bill for the last month of foster care for $210. Yesterday, a family who has adopted, unexpectedly gave us a check for $200. Trust me, at this point, every penny matters.
  • On Thursday, I was blessed with an opportunity to speak to the Sunflower Scout Troop in Birmingham. I was amazed, at these young lady's questions and concern for the children around the world. In fact, the next day they rallied and filled a suitcase full of supplies for one of the schools we visited. The kids are going to be so surprised!