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Adoption update and Christmas the Ulimate Adoption Gift

Adoption update: No news on Emmanuel. Our case worker in Ghana is finalizing three other adoptions, so he has not had time to look for Emmanuel. The adoption agency has been great! We updated our home study to include the possibility of adopting a sibling pair up to 7 years old, If Emmanuel does not work out.  We are  #3 of on the referral list. Basically, the list identifies children who are legally available to be adopted.
Most commonly asked questions: Yes, Emmanuel was on the list before.  No, we don't have to start over.  Yes, the majority of our money will transfer over. This journey has not been easy, but I have learned more about myself and my faith. I have also learned a tremendous amount about God's character and timing. Long story short, his timing is perfect. as is his ultimate plan. We waste way too much energy worrying about things, which are simply out of our control.   (Notice the eyes in the picture)

Family News
Jessica is engaged.   We are excited for her and Die…

Happy Birthday Emmanuel - A father's letter

Emmanuel's Birthday is December 3rd. 

Happy Birthday E’man.

What an amazing year! The last seven months have been an incredible roller- coaster ride and we are so thankful God has brought you into our lives. You have changed us forever! In fact, God is already using you to impact the nations. How cool is that? We wish we could all be together, but God has a unique plan that only he fully understands. I can’t send a physical gift, but I can write you a letter from my heart and hope will have the opportunity to read at some point. If not, I believe we see each other in heaven and worship together.
Seven months ago, we decided to adopt. Several days later we saw you! You saw your big chocolate innocent eyes and very quickly knew you were the one. Yes, we looked at others, but there was just something about you that drew us to you. We excitedly started the process to bring you home to us as fast as possible. Needless to say, your picture is all around our house, wallets, key chains and…