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Good and Bad News

First, I/we want to say thank you for your thoughts, concerns, questions and prayers. You know going into this process it will be a long and complicated journey, but it’s really hard to properly prepare yourself for the roller-coaster ride. Emmanuel is not just a name or a little orphan boy in Africa. He is our son whom we love and desperately want home.

Adoption update: This week we learned that our in-country partner reported a positive meeting with the government. We pray that our paperwork will begin to resume processing at beginning of next week. We also learned the last sets of fees are more than we anticipated and are prepared for which was a big blow. We are looking at different fundraising options. Please let me know if you have any ideas. Contact me @

Jessica – returned to the University of Mobile yesterday for her junior year. Wow, hard to believe how fast time goes by. Jess is majoring in Intercultural Studies with a minor in Spanish. She will be busy…