Random thoughts from Daddy...

June 23, 2013 0
So, what does your Daddy do at 39,000 feet at 10:28 at night...He thinks random thoughts which help shape my belief system.

To clearly see God's destiny,  we must stop looking In the rear view mirror at who we used to be, but look forward to who God wants us to be. 

We believe he knows the beginning and the end, but we don't trust him in the middle where he has placed us for such a moment.

When God wants to teach, he sends a teacher.

We may think the world is too big...God makes it small and provides opportunity to change one life at a time

People are afraid of what they don't understand

He sent you here for a reason,  it's up to you to spend the rest of your life looking for it

Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith first...faith comes later. 

There are moments in time which define who we are,  because they lead us to make a life altering decision.  

Jesus is more concerned about healing you than condemning you. He is more concerned about your repentance and the condition of your heart than the dirty laundry.  The Jesus, I know is faithful and true. He has payed the price for you to experience the king. 

Flying across the city into the moonlit night,staring at the stars lost in the moment. My mind is racing with a variety of sights
He orchestrated this with a word

The question we must answer is
do we believe it? All of it?
If so, what does it mean?

What is truth without Faith
What is faith without trust

Without repentance there can be no salvation

Religions destroy the very essence of who Jesus is

Following Christ is a choice which comes with responsibility
Grace and forgiveness is free.  Being a devoted Christ-Follower
may cost you everything

You will never experience the greatness of God, until you  step out on faith.   

The more I study scripture, the more convinced I am people will be surprised. Surprised by where they are, surprised by how many times God tried to reach them and they chose not to listen

The church is not filled with hypocrites...it's a wartime hospital filled with people who desperately need a loving savior blinded by an enemy who prowls like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

What will my legacy be?
All that matters is that I shared Jesus with those I loved.  Everything else is meaningless in God's eyes

The enemy is attacking the church from the inside out.  Perhaps he should read the rest of the story.   My Kings  mightily wins!