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What a ride this has been!

Adoption update:  No news!  Top news:  Website tops 6040 hits.  23 countries, 47 states.
Visitors:  Thank you for visiting.  We are humbled and honored you have somehow found your way to our site.   This blog started as a way to share our journey to adopt a little four-year old boy in Ghana, Africa.  However, this journey has led us down an unexpected path for us to learn more about God.  You may have different views about who God is, or if he even exists.  For whatever reason, you found us!  Check out our family video’s and pics from around the world.  We would love to hear from you and answer any of your questions.
Friends and family:   Take a look around.  We have added several new pages.  The discipleship page contains links to men who have poured into me into a variety of different ways.  There is a new recommended reading list.  We are also developing ways you can impact the world, one life at a time through various organizations via our website. T-shirts  We s…

Quick update

Adoption Update: Emmanuel was found safe and sound at a friend of his Mother's.  Unfortunately, his mother was not there, so we still can't move forward. We have been added back to the referral list, so we will have the opportunity to review other files and make decisions when our names come up. We still plan to fight the fight in Ghana.  Thank you for continued support and we will keep you posted.

We have made lots of changes to the website, so check out the additional pages.