Learning to be childlike...

March 11, 2011 0
The deeper I go in my Christian walk the more like a child I become. I am in constant need of His presence to be satisfied. As adults we are taught to be independent. As a truly devoted Christ follower, I have learned independence isolates while dependence gravities our thoughts and actions towards him. Pure peace, satisfaction, happiness and joy can only be found in Him. My ability to relinquish my grasp and control of the things of this world has a direct correlation to the fullness of my heart. As a Christ-Follower I was never intended to be in control of my own destiny and that of family.

God has never been interested in a portion of us serving him. He has always desired our fully devoted faithfulness and our willingness to follow him expectantly. Throughout, his love letter he guides, shapes, modes and attempts to teach us, yet our pride stands in the way of hearing.Our ability to hear the gospel is greatly affected by our time studying and mediating on the Gospel. There simply is no short cut. I am fan or solid books which may help us grow in our Christian walk. But, there is nothing and should not be anything which replaces our devoted time in the word. God uses his word to teach, empower and refresh. The openness and condition of our heart plays a pivotal role in our ability to hear from God. Bitterness, sin, strife, are barriers we place in between us